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Your home / office setup can negatively impact productivity and overall morale when it is not working right.

 NTS will ensure you can focus on what you want to do, and not on troubleshooting.

With over 20 years of experience NTS provides unparalleled support services for Business and Residential.

Hosted PBX & VOIP phone systems, computer support and upgrades, business technology consulting, email and server support, website hosting, dual monitors, remote viewing, cabling, indoor or outdoor video cameras, cloud services and network consulting –we do it all. 

Ann Arbor - Saline - Milan


Managed IT support services and reliable customer care for businesses & residential in the Ann Arbor, Saline and Milan areas. NTS tech support team is experienced and professional and will help your operations run smoothly. We are committed to seeing our clients succeed and value their business development. By managing your IT, NTS can help you focus on the essence of your business, giving you the ability to grow and succeed.

We provide IT support services, including Microsoft applications, QuickBooks support, business phone systems, cloud hosting, computer and server builds, monitoring & maintenance, and much more.

Stay proactive with your technology and partner with NTS so you get the reliability and efficiency of a complete IT department for a fraction of the price. Whether you need help with email, PBX phone systems, wireless networking, custom cabling, backup solutions, video cameras, digital faxing, or computer support services, we can help. We offer 24/7 onsite and remote IT support services.

Services Offered by NTS



Per issue. No hidden fees.

PC Repair / Home Networking / Mobile / Malware / Data Recovery / More...

If you're not sure stop by our office for a free consultation. 

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Computer Support

Computer and network maintenance issues can be unpredictable and have devastating effects resulting in downtime and lost data.

  • PC/Workstation repair = $75.00 total, no hidden fees.
    • + $15 for onsite pickup & drop off
    • + any replacement hardware costs

You will talk with a real person. Whether you need phone support, live chat, or an on-site visit, NTS is ready to troubleshoot your issues.

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Server Support

Servers are the most important pieces of technology in your business / home. It is crucial to keep your servers maintained and monitored. 

  • $75 per unit + replacement hardware costs.
  • Firewall & Web Filtering
  • Software Support (full O/S upgrades & install & repair)
    • Microsoft
    • Linux
    • macOS
  • Hardware Support (upgrades & replacement).
  • Backups!!!
  • Data recovery (no RAID)
  • Custom Server Builds using top shelf components. 
  • Business Ops:
    • SharePoint
    • MS Project
    • SQL
    • Print
    • etc.

Over 20 years of Enterprise support in the US and abroad. There is no issue NTS cannot solve for you.

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At NTS we have the ability to host your infrastructure so you don't have to. We can host bare-metal servers, or provide you with a pre-build platform from which you can host your website / service / app.

  • Bare-metal co-location
  • Cloud Servers
    • Windows
    • Linux
  • Dedicated IP
  • Dedicated or shared bandwidth 
All servers are hosted in a secure location with heating / cooling / humidity controls and redundant backup power.

No pornography.
Patriot friendly.

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Cameras / Access Control

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Physical Cabling

NTS offers cabling solutions with expert installation for technology projects of any degree. We work with you to determine which option is best for your situation to produce the most cost-effective, efficient solution. We offer wiring solutions for business technology networks, data centers, and PBX and VOIP phone systems, just to name a few.

  • Copper
  • 10G.
  • Fiber.
  • 10G with Fiber backbone.
  • Wireless.

Onsite consultation = $75.00

We will bid the project based on consultation.

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Wireless Networking

Wireless systems are an important component of any organization and it's critical to utilize a reliable, flexible solution. NTS can design, build, and install a wireless network perfect for your computers and mobile devices.


Solutions to match any size organization, indoor or outdoor. 

  • Onsite Consultation & Survey = $75.
  • NTS will bid the project based on consultation & survey.
  • Training = $74 hr.

One year warranty on new hardware.

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iPhone / iPad / Mac Repair

NTS can repair most broken iPhones & iPads.


Parental Controls

A raw Internet is not place to raise a family. Luckily this has been solved - a Kibosh will instantly turn your Internet into a family safe playground. 

Please see our sister company: Kibosh

A full onsite setup and training of a Kibosh unit = $100 + a Kibosh unit ($230) 

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Home Entertainment

Setup your own movie server and theater room.

Server setup (emby, plex, kodi, etc)

Cabling and A/V.

RV setup (watch movies with no internet needed).

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Website Design

Website Setup & Design

Training on how to design your website

Hosting with no limitations or upsells

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Private Email

Your own email that is not monitored!

All you need is a domain name.

NTS will set it up & maintain.

Standard global web & email client access.

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Data Recovery

One of the most painful experiences is losing critical data. It happens to us all at some point.

NTS has all the cutting edge tools and experience to recover your data.

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Custom Build PC

$75.00 + parts. 

NTS can build your dream machine. Give us a budget and we'll make it happen.

Why build your own? Because the big-tech companies use cheap and custom hardware.

When you build your own you know what's inside, and just as importantly you can replace / upgrade parts as needed. A custom built PC will last many years.

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